Saturday night hockey

Saturday night hockey
Saturday night hockey

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Goodbye to Spring; Summer is Here

We are having wonderful weather so far this year.  Sun, some rain, more sun, a little wind to temper the heat.  Life is busy with anniversary parties and weddings, visits from my sister and brother and other friends coming soon and just the general mayhem of summer.  The garden is growing well and we are already eating lettuce, celery, cilantro and other herbs.  There are flowers in abundance, both wild…




And tame….


I’ve done some sewing.  Easy Street is moving very slowly and I won’t have it done before the wedding, but I’m okay with that.  My latest projects have been these Katherine Wheel ones for swaps.  Pattern from Charlotte at Lawson and Lotti.



And yesterday I had the opportunity to attend a silk scarf dyeing course.  I tried some Shibori methods…


But didn’t make my knots tight enough on this one and the design is quite faint.  See the blue one below.  The others turned out great though. 

Shibori method 1, Scrunch method, Shibori method 2, tied and died…


It was very fun but this kind of intense activity is still tiring for me.  I am at least more than 50% better though and getting more so every day. 

We are off boating now. I hope you’re having a fun and happy day Smile



  1. Praying you feel stronger everyday. I was amused by your statement that summer is finally here. We're the same way in Southern MN. We had 20 inches of snow on May 2nd and I was still using my heat in mid May. Here we are in Mid June and I had to turn my air conditioning on. I would have liked a little more transition time with 70s before the humidity hit. Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Yay - so glad you have summer too - we have been having some noce weather too - well the alst two weeks, today it's back to gray, cold and rainy after some heavy thunerstorms.
    Perfect wether for some quilting.
    Enjoy your summer!

  3. love the yellow wild flowers. they are really pretty. and the "Katherine Wheel" blocks are very interesting... Our air conditioning was out all weekend as in going out on Friday afternoon at 5:05 just when nobody is going to do anything about it... needless to say... it was hot here and I didnt do very much in my sewing room but the AC has been fixed this morning and I am raring to go... Have fun boating

  4. Love the flowers, wild and tame, and that fancy block. We are getting our summer in fits and starts... one day sauna-weather and the next chilly.

  5. great to hear you are having some warmer weather and I really love your Katherine Wheel projects.......what a lovely pattern....I like that you continue to feel better everyday.........