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Yukon wild
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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

My March finish, a new bird and off to retreat`

I was so tired when I posted the other night that I completely forgot what I wanted to post about.  I am getting better a little bit more every day, but I tend to push myself too hard and then I get dizzy and very tired.  But you may notice I am spending more time on the computer and I have driven into town twice.  I worked today and won’t go back again until next Tuesday.  I’ll be at retreat Thursday through Sunday!! Yay!!  I bought a foam mattress and will take a pillow and blanket so I can go in the back room and lie down whenever I feel overwhelmed.  We are staying at a hotel that is about 8 minutes walk away but I don’t want to spend time when I need a break going over there.

We have had this “new to our yard” bird hanging around for about a week, but he has been very elusive.  DH managed to get a great photo of him today.  He is a Varied Thrush.  So pretty!


And here is my finish for March – a table runner that I made for DD # 2 for Easter.  Of course it didn’t reach her in time for Easter but she can use it all spring if she wants. Smile


I used a pattern that I won from Janet at Threaded Moose.  A lovely paper pieced star. 

And fabric that I received from Kate Spain.  I blogged about that here – I won two little 2 1/2 inch charm packs and received a huge parcel of her fabric ends as well.  I used a solid purple in the border and a navy that matched the navy in the flowers for the binding.  Here is the back.


I like it as well as the front.  I love Kate Spain’s fabrics.  Here it is on my table at Easter, with the plate of Ukrainian eggs my guests made.


I quilted in the ditch around the stars and a cross through the centre of them.  And the scribble around the outside border.  All in all I was very pleased.  And my daughter likes it too.  Open-mouthed smile



  1. Beautiful runner, the eggs set it off to perfection. The wee bird has stunning colours. you still have snow!! Cheers from Jean

  2. Great to hear you are getting so much stronger each day... the thrush is beautiful and I love the table runner.... looks good on both sides...

  3. Pleased to hear you are continuing to make good progress. Have a fabulous time at retreat - will look forward to the photos!

  4. Great birdy picture and love that table runner. Hope you are fully recovered soon x

  5. gorgeous runner and such a pretty visitor to your garden.
    glad you are feeling better so that you can enjoy your retreat to the max.

  6. Janet have a wonderful time at retreat and rest on the foamy whenever you need to...
    DH did get a great shot of the Varied Thrush...
    Love the table runner and your quilting looks great...

  7. Very pretty runner! What a great pic of your new bord. Watching the birds is so much fun.

  8. Nice finish - it's a pretty runner. And yes, that's a gorgeous little bird. :)

  9. Lovely finish! I'm so glad you're getting better every day!

  10. We have a Dusky thrush here that looks a lot like that with a bit more white. Great picture!
    That runner will be great any time of year.
    Have fun at the retreat and keep on getting better.

  11. that is a really pretty bird... we are having the goldfinches showing up and my hubby says he saw some hummingbirds today so guess I will have to get out the feeders within the next couple days. Have a huge lots of fun at your retreat... glad you are feeling better... yay!

  12. Have a great retreat Janet. I wish I was going now. :-)

  13. It has been a long time since I have visited your blog. you certainly are staying busy making some great looking blocks and projects. The bird is so neat looking. I have a wood thrush that lives in my woods. I love his song.
    thanks for coming by my blog for the bird blog hop. I have never seen a loon but maybe one day. good luck in the giveaway.