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Yukon wild
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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

This is why I never get anything done!

I’ve had a hiatus from Easy Street for the last week or so.  I have had all the fabric sitting out waiting for me to finish cutting all the pieces, but other things clamoured louder for attention.  Like some overdue swap items…

Aileen was my partner for the November Adventure Block swap.  She kindly told me not to worry about getting the block done on time as I was on holiday.  The only problem is that I am the kind of person who does everything at the last minute.  So if someone tells me to take my time and get it done when I have time…. well I might never have time!  Aileen wanted a wonky house block in bright, crazy colours.  I hope this fits the bill.  I figured that the rain drops that are rising instead of dropping add to the wonkiness.


And then when I told Joanne that I was going to be late with her December hexies, she said not to worry about doing them at all if I was too busy.  Talk about letting me off the hook!  But I try to be a good swapper and complete my commitments, even though sometimes they are late.  So I made these hexies for Joanne this week.


Then the local craft club decided that we need to do a round of baby quilts to donate to the nursing station.  And I had been looking at Persimon Dreams Project Quilting challenge and I was excited about the square in a square block.  And I received a bag of scraps with around 150 blocks in yellow/orange, hot pink and a flower print.  Pair these with a light blue and here is the baby quilt I’m working on!  My only placement rules were alternating square in squares and solids and that no outside colour could go beside itself.


I thought I’d get all the blocks and rows sewn together this week after work but …..

And then I read a someone’s post for the Year of the Finished Project and they said the rules are that you have to finish a project before you start a new one.  Whoops!  Blew that.  (But I reread the rules and each person actually makes their own rules for themselves.  So all I have to do is finish the Easy Street top in January.  Yikes!)

I will try and get back tomorrow with some recent mail that I need to show off Smile 

Oh and my e-mail wasn’t working from the 9th to the 15th – if you sent me an e-mail during that time and haven’t heard back….. I didn’t receive it.



  1. what a great Wonky House Block. Love the garden and May and Joe as well as the going up raindrops. It is well worth the wait.
    Nice hexies too and the quilt will look lovely when you finish it Janet.

  2. I love the beavers in the house.... it's a great block....
    Oh.. I thought rules were made to be broken... so go enjoy....
    Hugz again

  3. Those beavers are so darn cute.

  4. lovely wonky house and hexie flowers. It's good to get caught up, the squares quilt will look lovely.

  5. That's right -- everyone makes their own rules. I should take that "finish one thing" rule off my blog page -- thanks for the hint!

    I love your little square on square quilt, so cute! I also love your wonky house block! And there's still time to work on Easy Street -- take a deep breath, let it out slowly, now focus! LOL

  6. Janet , I love your wonky house and those hexies are too cute. Best to make your own rules anyway , that way it is not so bad if you can't keep them or that is what I do ;-)

  7. hehe. It's an adorable, adorable block, and she's going to love it. Those beavers in the window are awesome.

  8. Make a rule to break, that is the fun of quilting.The wonky house is so lovely, I like it much more than the straight ones. And who is looking out the window, just perfect. And the bright quilt, the blocks work so well the way you have them. Cheers from Jean

  9. Well...you are doin' and that's the right direction! haha. I can empathize with you though, sometimes there are never enough hours in the day. Thus the UFO drawers were created!

  10. Well, Janet, for somebody who "never gets anything done" you sure have gotten a lot done! What an adorable Wonky house...yes the rain-ups are perfect and the hexie flowers lovely, and your baby quilt will be wonderful! Wish I could not get things done as well as you.......:)

  11. I totally love your wonky house block and the row of flowers across the bottom is an awesome finishing touch...