Yukon wild

Yukon wild
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Monday, November 14, 2011

Winter is here

DD # 2 called me last week to tell me that her “friend” in Newfoundland was wondering why I hadn’t posted on my blog.  She said that he talks about the scenery pictures but she thinks he likes the quilting pictures too. Smile Here is a photo of the full(ish) moon in the morning for you Jamie.
We have had really mild weather this fall and along with that, little snow.  That changed over the last three or four days as it has been snowing steadily.  We now have our winter’s snow.  The weather is still fairly mild though, –15 is the coldest it has been. 
I have been working on my table runner for the Flickr Modern Christmas Table Runner swap.  Here it is, finished and ready to mail to a secret recipient.
I hung it on the door to photograph but I’m showing the picture sideways.  Here’s the back.
And to link up with Angie's applique parade, a block that is almost finished…. as are so many of my sewing projects…

Edited to add - The block above was the class project for a class called Baltimore Basics from Quilt University.  Nancy Chong was the instructor and presumably is the designer of the block.  Just to give due credit....  It was a great class, by the way, from an on-line quilt instruction site.



  1. i always enjoy your scenery pics too, such a beautiful part of the world!
    Your table runner is fantastic and the quilting is amazing. Well done I am sure your partner will adore it.

  2. Janet, your table runner is beautiful. The back just as pretty as the front!! The applique block is very motivating! I really need to give it a try!

  3. Lovely runner and gorgeous applique.

  4. BBBrrrr, the coldest it gets to in Adelaide is about 3 degrees celcius. I cant imagine -15. Lovely table runner. I love the bird wreath too, its almost Christmassy.

  5. I love the quilting design you used.It looks wonderful on the reverse side! The table runner is so festive and bright. GrEaT WoRk !! :)

  6. I too enjoy seeing the scenery as much as the quilts. That moon is glorious - so nice to be able to see it (I mean, really, the cloud cover down here doesn't let us see much of the sky and it's beauty at all). Love the runner! Lovely applique block!

  7. I like that table runner a lot!

  8. I read a mention on another blog about the "Applique Thursdays" linky and popped over and what should I see but your block.

    I recognize that block design! -- You took Nancy's Chong's Intro Applique class at Quilt U! Hello from a fellow student. I took the same class last fall and am now an applique enthusiast. Your block looks great and hope you enjoyed the class!!

    P.S. Also love the quilting you did on your runner!

  9. Janet that runner is a stunner it is absolutely gorgeous,well done