Saturday night hockey

Saturday night hockey
Saturday night hockey

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The goat is travelling

I’m one of the secret sisters of the travelling goat.  This is a very secret club in which goats are flying around the world and having interesting experiences before they return home.  All the sisters are going to have global influence….in any future goat escapades!!!

My goat will leave tomorrow morning by dog team (aka Canada Post).  Today the huskies are chowing down on salmon to get their strength up for the long trip tomorrow.  My goat is going all the way to Maria in Australia.  How will the huskies get over the ocean you ask??? Why they meet up with Santa’s reindeer who run that leg of the journey.  Then I believe there is some kind of kangaroo express…..  Maybe this should be the sisterhood of the travelling reindeer or the travelling kangaroos! 

I forgot to take a picture of my goat before s/he left… but as a reminder of him/her I have this little goat waiting here for her sibling to come back home….


Let me tell you about goats.  I knew I had some wool fabric but couldn’t find it anywhere.  My friend Dahn and I drove over the snowy mountain pass (in her all wheel drive, fully equipped vehicle) to Alaska yesterday where we raided the quilt shop and I bought wools.  (How many of you make a trip to another country for a shopping spree in a town where there are only three stores open and the only restaurant closes at 2 p.m.?)  

This morning I had a moment of clarity and remembered where I had stored my wool fabric twenty years ago when I last used it.  Now I have lots of wool.  The piece that Lucy is resting on above is a small remnant of a Hudson Bay blanket that DH and I were given for a wedding present.  There was a fire 6 months after our wedding and we lost everything we owned.  This scrap of the blanket managed to escape and I kept it thinking I’d make something out of it.  Hudson Bay blankets are beautiful and warm.

I also found this dress that I made for myself at least 30 years ago…

IMG_2570 Whatever was I thinking?  What will I do with it now???

While we’re on the vintage theme – here is the second instalment of hexies from DD # 2.  They arrived in the mail yesterday!  What a fabulous job she is doing!


Happy travelling, goat!




    And the hexagons are looking good.I cannot believe that dd2 is actually working on them, but they look great. :-)

    I wanted to see the goat! Maybe when it arrives in Australia, you can hyperlink to Maria so we can see it.

  2. Hi Janet!
    sorry to hear about your fire so long ago and yet so soon on your journey of marriage. Talk about love making it stronger!
    I have gone to another country, from Fort Frances Ontario to International Falls Minn to go to the lumber store! or to go to the movies! or somewhere different to go for lunch!
    makes for interesting memories.
    me, I want to know about those quilt stores you went to!
    Verrrry interrestttink! (I am Ukrainian, I can say that)
    Take care, Leslie

  3. Love the hexie flowers that your DD#2 has made! Hopefully we will see a picture of the goat when it returns.

  4. The hexies are just beautiful...the fabrics are lovely!

  5. the flowers are turning out so beautifully! happy travels to the goat

  6. Your way of life sounds in Amerika Samoa we only have 2 flights out a week, only one carries packages.

    Love your flowers.