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Yukon wild
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Friday, August 6, 2010

I need your advice....

I want to order the sashing fabric for my postage stamp quilt as I am planning on working on it when I go on a quilt retreat in mid-September.  When I first started this quilt I planned to do the sashing with a red pinstripe on white.  As the blocks have come to life though I've decided that there is a lot of colour going on and thought maybe the sashing should be a solid colour.  I've auditioned some squares on red, black, white and grey, choosing these as they are the most neutral colours.  These fabrics are all pieces that I have on hand.  The only one I have enough of is the white - I'd have to order the others.  What do you think?

The red is Robert Kaufman "Marbleous".

This is the back of a grey on black fabric.  I don't have any true blacks on hand.
This is Kona "Snow".  Dahn, notice the centre block! 

This is the only grey I had on hand.  I don't think I would use something with this much pattern.  I should just buy some of that Kona "Ash" I keep coveting.

As you can see the postage stamp blocks are in every colour of the rainbow.  They are dark with light or light with dark and I intend to place them randomly with no thought to colour or lights and darks.  Most of the fabrics are used once on the inner block and once on the outer triangles.  Some are only used in one of those two places.  There are a few that I've used four or five times, but I don't think anyone will ever notice.

Please let me know what you think.  I won't bias you by telling you my preferences right now. 



  1. personally the red and black are my favs.....they make the other colors pop, But the white is good if you want the look of a soft toned quilt. what "look" do you want? Antique or modern, classic or contemprary? Is it going to be a special quilt or a stored in the closet quilt? Lots of things to think about. I can;t decide about the gray because it is hard to tell from the picture because it seems too close. You could border them in 2 colors ( one block all red the next all black) and place them like a checkeboard, either as singles or groups of 4 or even bigger groups. Could border them with 3 colors and placed randomly or all 4. There's lots of options if you don't want to buy more fabric. The colors you have chosen for block borders seem to work well with each other. want me to go on??? I am always full of ideas, not always the right ones though. lol!! Do you have EQ, will give you more solutions for your borders, if you have time to play.

  2. I agree with cyndi's comments. My first choice is the red and second, black. But, it really does depend on the look you want. When I saw the red it just jumped out at me and really made everything come alive. Made me smile! Can't wait to see what you decide. Nola

  3. I KNOW you are going to say you love the red. Black is always my favoritie as it highlights the blocks without adding distraction.

    And I laughed at the piece you pointed out. Wonder if I'll ever do the one block wonder? You should take that to the retreat--Ruth will be there to bug (get assistance) if needed..

    (and I have EQ if you ever want to learn it.)

  4. I don't know if you have already made a decision, since I am late to the party, but I prefer the red and the black. Red = 1st choice, black = close 2nd.

  5. Red, also, or black with white being the least favorite. I'm not sure why, but the darker colors work better for me on this one.

  6. I like them all but my preference would be Black, followed by white, then red, then grey

  7. I like the red. Less distraction. What's your preference?