Yukon wild

Yukon wild
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Saturday, May 16, 2015

Friday Night Sew In for May

I had to do something for FNSI, otherwise I wouldn’t have done any sewing in the last couple of weeks.  That isn’t totally true – I have done some mending – but nothing that I want to tell the world about Smile 

I received three sets of second round hexies from Joke from the Netherlands, my March swap partner in the Inchy Hexagon Flower Swap.

These ones claimed their flower immediately and they have been united.


Here are the other two sets, which haven’t been added to flowers yet.


I asked for bright colours and that’s what I got!  They are great!

On Mother’s Day we started out the day with a rare bird sighting – rare for us anyway.  A yellow headed blackbird.


Then we had a lovely canoe outing on the Yukon River along with two of my daughters, their partners and my grandson.


And we are off on a boat outing this afternoon – down the lake and camping overnight.  We are having summer right now and it is much too warm and sunny to be inside for long!

I hope your weather is wonderful too.



  1. What a wonderful place to paddle! It sounds like you are really enjoying your warm weather.
    Happy stitching,

  2. Lovely bright hexi's and they are turning into lovely flowers by you. That bird is a rare sighting for us too over here in Australia.....very pretty! Thank you for using big photos in your blog....I love that.

  3. I like your hexie flower :) Such fun you always seem to be having. I can tell how much you enjoy your outings.

  4. Hi Janet love that hexie and that bird is so lovely don't think we have them here and boy that canoeing looks like fun ,wish it was summer here xx

  5. Wow,to think you can canoe ,and camp out, just a short time ago ice and snow. Enjoy the fun.

  6. Your weather changes dramatically in a short time. Love that bird-- very pretty. Good to be outdoors again, I'm sure.

  7. Great hexies, nice and bright. I love your header picture and what a great way to spend a day. xx

  8. Hi Janet, that bird is pretty and what fun to see one that you don't very often, lovely paddling

  9. Love those bright hexies...
    What fun going out on the river..
    Enjoy your camping..

  10. Great hexies ! Oh the paddling looks like, great fun and I am sure you are enjoying the lovely weather .

  11. I loved the month of May in YT - long days and warm weather. People in southern regions would be surprised at how lovely it is! How lucky you were to see the yellow headed blackbird and to be able to snap a picture to boot!

    Love your colourful hexagon rosette!

    Happy trails Janet!

  12. Just spying a rare bird is one thing, but getting a picture is so cool. Looks like a great day to be out and about ... and hexies to fill spare time ...Yea!

  13. Just browsing and noticed this post from May......I'm not the only slow-poke blogger for once! I just love the photos you post......have you ever thought of putting them into a book? Hope all is well and you are doing ok......I know you have been having some health issues..........