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Yukon wild
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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Piggy Bank Challenge

Val at Val's Quilting Studio is hosting a year long piggy bank challenge and invited me to join.  At first I waffled because a) I didn’t have a container, b) I spend my change on tea and pop, c) I really don’t need to save for more fabric, d) I was being a party pooper. 

But I love to see people trying to create some fun in blogland and so I decided to join.  We are supposed to identify a container for our piggy bank and a purpose for our savings. 

The challenge closes July 20th!

First I needed a container.  I found one at a garage sale last weekend when I was at the Atlin Arts and Music Festival (photo below copied from their site)

Photo: Another wonderful festival weekend came to an end. Three fantastic, magical days! Thanks to YOU! <br />And thanks to the artists, sponsors, volunteers, tent- and techcrew, staff and helping hands for making this event so very, very special!!!<br /><br />We will post a festival album in the upcoming days!

Granddaughter and I painted it with acrylic paints and then I baked it to set the paint.

piggy bank collage

I have decided that each Friday at the end of the work week (when I remember) I will add what ever change I have left in my pocket from the week, except for the loonies and toonies.  For those who don’t know Canada no longer has paper $1 and $2 bills.  We have coins.  Big, heavy coins.  We call them loonies and toonies.  Here is my addition for this week.


We no longer have pennies in Canada either, so my collection will be all silver.  This will be interesting. Hot smile

Linking up to Val's piggy bank challenge, which by the way ends on July 6th, 2015.  And what will I do with my moolah?  I haven’t really decided yet but I may have to host a five year blog birthday party with giveaways…. as my blog will be five years old on June 29, 2015. Smile



  1. Loonies and toonies, I have to laugh, but your containers, super painted flowers. I'm sure they will be full in a year's time. Cheers,Jean.

  2. LOL too about loonies and toonies. Great to have you along for the piggy bank challenge. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. I already do this. I bought a Kitchen Aid mixer last time.

  4. I am doing something similar but it is called the 52 week challenge, hoping to take our boys on a holiday so that is my goal

  5. I love the container you and your granddaughter painted! I do this but give the jar to someone at Christmas. I got the idea from the book the Christmas Jar.

  6. I wonder if I could save enough in a year's time to even buy a pack of needles. I like the idea of a blog birthday party.

  7. I love your change container!

    I had a hard time with the goal too. I don't need more fabric either!

  8. As you know, we no longer have paper money all -- the notes are recycled plastic and the smallest denomination is $5. Our coins are not big and heavy though -- the $1 is small and the $2 even smaller! I think they just like to confuse us! ;-)