Saturday night hockey

Saturday night hockey
Saturday night hockey

Monday, September 26, 2011

I am still alive but just barely coping…

I have been soooo busy.  Besides doing a lot of travelling for my job – my new job that I am still trying to sort out – I am also working for our territorial election – four hours or more a day after my regular work.  DH is working away so I am doing all the chores, although I don’t have to cook dinner so maybe that’s a good trade off.  And I signed up for all these swaps!  What was I thinking?  Oh well the swaps are important for my happiness Smile

What to show today??  Winter in the air…. My yard yesterday morning…


Yup that is snow.  All gone today but more will be back soon.  Look at the mountains today…


This fellow is ready for winter… if a bit blurry….


Last week I travelled to Haines Junction and Teslin – see, not so much snow last week….



I made this bag for the Goody swap…


And I received some more fabric for my grandson’s quilt.  Thanks so much to Sue, Linda and Julie.


He had his 4th birthday party yesterday….


At his request they ate “make your own sub sandwiches”.  And they played Fishing Pond over the back fence.  It is so cute what a kick kids get out of catching a Fruit Roll-up on a fishing rod.

That’s it for tonight.  I'll be back to show my September swap items sent and received later.



  1. You sure are very busy.
    My picture would be blurry too if I was taking it of the bear!!!
    Your grandson sure is a handsome little guy.
    do you still need fabrics??

  2. I didn't actually get to experience winter this year... but I'm glad when I see your snow already happening! Take care of yourself because being busy you can forget YOU are important too! :)

  3. I just love the pictures around your place... so beautiful.... good to be busy but I bet you are missing your crafting.... your grandson is so cute... happy 4th birthday to him..

  4. Such beautiful scenery - I can only imagine the cold!!! Unbelievably the weather here went from 30 deg to 5 deg and rain (which meant snow at the higher elevations, and there was a report of white-out conditions on the connector between Merrit and Kelowna). Our fireplaces are turned on!!! Great bag - love it!

  5. Hi Janet! I never see you anymore because you have become a local travelor. Loved the pictures but don't like seeing all that snow. I haven't been to your blog in awhile and LOVE all the swaps and local pictures you are showing. It almost inspires me to get back to my blog.. :-)

    I LAUGHED reading about the fishing for fruit roll-ups. Only in the Yukon! LOL

    Don't work too hard-either for the election or the day job.

  6. Mt Fuji had snow last week too but I am happy we are enjoying fair weather, not too hot, and just a touch of fall. It'll be another month or so for the ginkyos to turn golden. Thanks for the views. That is one cute kid!

  7. Hi Janet, I love seeing where you live is so beautiful. Thank goodness you showed the fabric square from Sue, Linda and Julie as it has reminded me I have your train squares to post. I'll get on to that tomorrow.

  8. Whew!! Sounds like you have a plate full! All of the pictures were wonderful, hopefully you'll get a little down time soon.

  9. Oh I love the mountain pictures!! Oh it looks so peaceful and beautiful!

  10. wow, those mountains are so awesome. love the snow covered ones.
    you live in a fascinating part of N. America.