Saturday night hockey

Saturday night hockey
Saturday night hockey

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

It’s a busy life

I never did get around to posting last weekend…. Close friends are getting married this coming Sunday and I am “standing up” for her.  Plus coordinating food for the reception and providing beds for his mother and aunt who are here from Ontario.  Add to this travelling for work, an upcoming territorial election that is going to be called any day, and for which I am a returning officer….Life feels very busy. 

Before I leave tomorrow for my next trip for work, I need to show a couple of pictures from last weeks trip.  I went to Pelly Crossing and Carmacks, respectively four and a half and three hours north from here.  Both these communities are small and there aren’t a lot of picturesque sights, however they are both along the Yukon River and much of life centres on the river.  So I have river photos to show and a couple of others…

Riverboats along the river in Pelly Crossing….


The community garden in Pelly.  Even though they are that much further north, I notice that their plants have lots of leaves and not much fruit, kind of like the plants in my greenhouse….


Sandbars in the river in Carmacks….


And the regrowth progress of the 1998 Fox Lake forest fire….


I didn’t see any animals along the road, except for a mama bear with two cubs close to home, and this beauty…


Deer are a recent immigrant population to the north.  There is very limited hunting of them allowed and they are not very shy. 

I forgot to show photos of the postcard swap that Fiona and I did a while back to celebrate our respective one year blog anniversaries.  Here is the gorgeous post card she sent me…. her representation of the Great Barrier Reef and the Southern Cross.


And here is the one I sent her….I’m a bit obsessed with bears in the summer….


One other bit of sewing to show today.  I mentioned a while back that DD # 2 was hounding me to make a blind for her room.  I bought the fabric for this blind in 1997 so I guess it was high time to put it together.  And since we had company coming to stay for a week I put a lot of effort into getting it finished before tonight.  Here is the finished product….open….


And closed….


Definitely old fashioned fabric….or maybe it is just meant for a child, which my daughter was when I bought it Smile  This was probably the most challenging sewing project I’ve ever done….and I’ve made lined jackets and pants and fancy dresses.  It was the trip to the hardware store for bits and pieces and the power tools needed to hang it that put it over the edge.  I’m hoping that as it hangs it will lose the wrinkles that I didn’t iron out….



  1. Beautiful sewing but most of all I love seeing your surroundings and the animals in your area. Wonderful. Thank you.

  2. Thank you for sharing the photos of your beautiful country Janet.
    Love the deer.
    Your blind looks great. I really like that fabric.It is like you have brought the night sky inside.What beautiful postcards Fiona and you swapped.
    Have fun with the wedding.

  3. Hi!
    You forgot to mention you wone a Pick Four book in the first giveaway! Lucky girl you are!
    Maybe you could buy me some lotto tickets? LOL!
    Take care, Leslie

  4. Lovely photos! I think the postcards are wonderful. What a great swap!

  5. Great pics - wonderful swap! Good job on the curtains, isn't it amazing how such a simple straight sewing craft becomes a 'job' when trying to hang them up!