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Yukon wild
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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Friday Night Sew In report

I managed to spend a good chunk of time sewing yesterday evening.  DH took Zeke, our dog, to a 5 p.m. vet appointment so he was gone from 4 to 8.  Ah…so much gets done when I am home alone.  I can never figure out why that is. 

I finished the block that is due for January for Quilting Block Swap Adventure.  I also finished my contribution toward Fiona’s goat in the Sisterhood of the Travelling Goat.  Only sneak peeks are available of these two items.

Here is the block for Alexis.  Yes that is Origins fabric.  I bought some at the quilt store in America before Christmas and don’t know what I’m going to do with it. 


And here is a little peek at Fiona's goat…


I feel so accomplished Smile



  1. You should feel accomplished... I love the handwork on the goat... too cool!

    I was so fascinated by the caribou on your header... had to sit and look at it for a while.


  2. so you should - the block looks great.... and it is wonderful to see my goat again.... looking very well and happy....

  3. Love your goat. Some where I missed out on that one. Amazing how much we get done when there are no interruptions! LOL Nola

  4. I love it if I get some "home-alone" time - I too get so much done.

    I love the lookof the goat.

  5. Your goat is wonderful! FNSI's are fantastic for getting JoBs done. No wonder you're HaPPy, you accomplished quite a lot!

  6. The goat is fabulous!!!!! I love the embellishments, can't wait for the little sewing kit to get to be your new friend. Love you, Janet and thank you for sharing your talent and fun!!!

  7. What a wonderful block ...the goat is so pretty!

  8. Love quilts The goat is cute! Thanks for stopping by my blog #380 on the OWOH tour... Follow this link to my website http://www.fireballbeeds.com/page1.html click on Deer Island and area near the top... then click on the map and reduce it far enough so that you can see where the island is! Actually it's in NB just off the coast of Maine.... and we have way too much snow this year!


  9. Fabulous quilting, that little goat is adorable! Thank you so much for visiting my blog earlier on OWOH.

  10. Hey Janet, I'm your swap partner for Ali's fabric swap, I love your goat! Right I'm off for a wander through your blog and get some ideas of what you like, any specifics just email me, speak soon
    Jane xx